A great piece of packaging may need to fulfil several roles. It might need to stand out when it’s sat on a supermarket shelf between other similar products, it might need to provide the customer with a range of information relating to the product and/or it may be a medium through which to reinforce a brand aesthetic. It might just be a container for transport.

No matter what the end goal is, as a packaging designer I create product packaging designs that look stunning and perform an important function.


As part of my packaging design process I audit competitors and analyse design trends to ensure that the creative packaging designs are contemporary and stand out from the crowd.


The physical format of packaging will affect it’s visual impact but it may also have both practical and financial implications when it comes to storage and transportation.


The difference between a good piece of packaging and a great one often comes down to the details. The choice of materials and the inclusion of finishing touches (e.g. embosses, foils, die cuts) will influence a customer’s perception of quality.